SPHCC Membership

General Description:

The State & Psychiatric Hospital Compliance Collaborative (SPHCC) is an online community of public state hospitals, private psychiatric hospitals, hospitals with mental health units/populations and other behavioral health providers interested in compliance issues relating to the Joint Commission (TJC) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Membership Features (Click here to download or print the table below):

A. Membership is granted to an organizations or facility for a 12-month period.

B. The organization’s participants may be any leaders, directors or staff with a role or responsibility related to standards compliance and/or survey success.

C. Each facility is permitted unlimited SPHCC access by its staff.  It is also encouraged to designate up to 3 official representatives at least one of whom is the PI/QI Department Director or designated Survey Coordinator.

D.  SPHCC will support standards compliance and survey success by collecting and providing access to current, accurate, compliance information, clarifications, tools and examples that are specifically relevant to in-patient (and some out-patient) mental health services.  This material will be shared via online libraries, custom support pages, a unique monthly newsletters/highlights, periodic MiniwebNRs and other special events and publications.   Member interaction will also be facilitated through our unique Member Directory and the question/comment option provided in our newsletter reference articles.

E. Member facilities must agree to support the  collaborative in at least the following ways:

• Identify a survey information contact person for the SPHCC directory of sister hospitals.

• Provide some brief details about the kinds of services you offer and the patient populations you work with.

• Provide feedback on your TJC and CMS surveys while they are still fresh in your mind using our online Post-Survey Questionnaire (PSQ).

• Contribute at least one best practice policy, or form for online sharing/posting with other SPHCC members each year

• Participate in at least one online opinion e-Poll per year

• Share any other tips, tools and pearls that you think might benefit the compliance efforts of your sister hospitals whenever you can

• Agree to preserve confidentiality, honor HIPAA requirements, avoid copyright infringement and practice respect and discretion with all shared communications and information use.



Method 1: Download,  complete  and submit the Membership Invoice for payment via check/by mail
Method 2 : Call us (770.389.3800) to pay via telephone with credit card
Method 3 : Pay online
Customer subscription rates are as follows:

SPHCC Membership – Standard = $800 yr.

SPHCC Membership – Premier = $1250 yr

SPHCC Membership – Survey Sharing Discount = $600 yr

Note: You may also download a paper invoice and make payment by check.


SPHCC Discounts

20-40%:  For hospitals joining as a group or for individual organizations electing multi-year membership.

50%:  For state psychiatric hospitals for the duration of the recession.

60%: For hospitals expecting survey within the year and willing to commit to sharing post survey information. See details below in Survey Sharing Invitation.

Members of our collaborative are especially interested in feedback on recent CMS and TJC survey experiences.  That information is being collected and analyzed in a unique database for psychiatric facilities.  For that reason, SPHCC provides the following offers for new or continuing member hospitals expecting survey:

Free Newsletter (12 months)

  • For non-members who are at least 28 months past their last full, unannounced TJC survey and willing to commit* to submitting a post survey questionnaire (PSQ) within 30 days of actual survey.
  • For non-members who have already had a CMS or TJC survey that is no more than 3 months old with submission of a post survey questionnaire (PSQ)

Discounted Membership (60%)

  • For non- or renewing members who are at least 28 months past their last full, unannounced TJC survey and willing to commit* to submitting a post survey questionnaire (PSQ) within 30 days of actual survey.
  • For renewing members who have submitted a PSQ for CMS survey within the last 12 months.